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/ Museum of Natural History at Museum of Natural History (Salle de conférence)


By Dr. Andrea Waeschenbach (Natural History Museum, London, UK.)

Identifying the patterns and processes of biodiversity fluctuations through time and space remains one of the major challenges in evolutionary biology. Typically, diversification dynamics have been inferred from either the fossil record or from molecular phylogenies, both of which, in isolation, have their shortcomings. However, recently developed methods allow for the simultaneous analysis of fossils and molecules, opening up exciting avenues for groups with a rich fossil record. In our research program, we use bryozoans, colonial aquatic invertebrates, to study diversity dynamics in the marine realm over the last 160 million years using both fossil and molecular evidence. Scientific knowledge on Bryozoa lags far behind that of better-known animal groups, which means that datasets for diversification analyses need to be generated from scratch. A key ingredient for our analyses is a time-calibrated phylogeny of extant and extinct species, which we generated by simultaneously analysing a genome-skimming dataset (mitogenomes and ribosomal operons) and a morphological character matrix of extant and extinct species. We use this phylogeny as a framework to generate speciation and extinction rates through time and assess how they fluctuate in light of palaeoenvironmental conditions and the origin(s) of morphological and functional traits.

Hosted by Isabel Blasco

/ Dpt of Cell Biology at Sciences III (2024)

Dealing with RNA in a DNA world

By Brian Luke (J. Gutenberg Universtity, Mainz)

Hosted by Françoise Stutz

/ PhD School of Life Sciences at unknown (unknown)

SciMed PhD Conference 2020

By Multiple speakers (UNIGE)

First ever joint PhD conference between Sciences and Medicine for all current PhD students in Life Sciences! Where? Champéry, CH Registration starts: January 2020

Hosted by GenEv

/ Conference at Sciences III (1S081)


By Alessandro Blasimme/Andrew Janowczyk (ETH Zurich / University of Lausanne)

Hosted by Emi Nagoshi, Florian Steiner

/ Geneva Plant Seminars at Sciences III (1S059)

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By Christine Faulkner (

Hosted by Marie Barberon