Life Sciences seminars at the University of Geneva

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/ Dpt of Genetics & Evolution at Sciences III (1S081)

Reproductive biology and behaviour: Veterinarian and biological perspectives

By Many speakers (UNIGE)

The goal of this symposium is to gather experts, both veterinarians and biologists, working on different aspects of reproductive biology and using classical model species, as the mouse, less classical ones, as the dog, or more ‘exotic’ ones, as reptiles and birds. We believe that bringing together this diverse body of knowledge will prove beneficial for researchers and hopefully promote the exchange of approaches and techniques.

Hosted by GenEv

/ iGE3 Seminar Series at unknown (unknown)

IGE3 annual meeting

By P. Meraldi and F. Stutz (UNIGE)

Lieu : La Roseraie - Site Roseraie

Hosted by Françoise Stutz

/ Conference at Sciences III (3079)

Circular RNAs and body clocks

By Sebastian KADENER (Brandeis University)

Hosted by Ramesh Pillai

/ Conference at Sciences III (3079)

to be announced

By Andres Jäschke (Universität Heidelberg)

Hosted by Ramesh Pillai