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Plk4 Regulates Centriole Asymmetry and Spindle Orientation in Neural Stem Cells. Gambarotto D, Pennetier C, Ryniawec JM, Buster DW, Gogendeau D, Goupil A, Nano M, Simon A, Blanc D, Racine V, Kimata Y, Rogers GC, Basto R. Dev Cell. 2019 May 16


Imaging cellular ultrastructures using expansion microscopy (U-ExM) Gambarotto D. ##, Zwettler F. U. ##, Le Guennec M., Schmidt-Cernohorska M. , Fortun D. , Borgers  S. , Heine J. , Schloetel J. G. , Reuss M. , Unser M. , Boyden E.S. , Sauer M. *, Hamel V. * and  Guichard P.*. Nature Methods. 2019.


Isolation, Imaging and fluorescent single particle reconstruction of  Chlamydomonas  centrioles . Klena N.§, Gambarotto D. §, Le Guennec M. , Borgers S., Guichard P.*, Hamel V.* JoVE(139), e58109, doi:10.3791/58109


Aneuploidy causes premature differentiation of neural and intestinal stem cells. Gogendeau DSiudeja KGambarotto DPennetier CBardin AJBasto RNat Commun. 2015 Nov 17;6:8894. 


Moesin is a major regulator of centrosome behavior in epithelial cells with extra centrosomes. Sabino DGogendeau DGambarotto DNano MPennetier CDingli FArras GLoew DBasto R. Curr Biol. 2015 Mar 30;25(7):879-89.