Research Groups

Françoise Stutz Laboratory

My lab studies the process of mRNA biogenesis and export through nuclear pores, and the importance of nuclear architecture in gene expression. Another topic concerns the role of non-coding antisense RNAs in transcriptional gene silencing.

The team

Current research can be divided into 3 variations on the theme RNA:

  1. Role of ubiquitin in the regulation of mRNP dynamics and export through nuclear pores.
  2. Functional relationship between gene expression and intra-nuclear gene positioning: role of nuclear pores in transcription regulation?
  3. Importance of non-coding and antisense RNAs in epigenetic control of gene expression through RNAi independent mechanisms.

Latest Publications

 Fine Chromatin-Driven Mechanism of Transcription Interference by Antisense Noncoding TranscriptionKaur Gill J., Maffioletti A., García-Molinero V., Stutz F.+, Soudet J.+ Cell Reports. 2020 May 5. 

 The aspartic protease Ddi1 contributes to DNA-protein crosslink repair in yeast. Serbyn N+Noireterre A, Bagdiul IPlank MMichel AHLoewith R, Kornmann BStutz F+. Molecular Cell 2020,