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Papers detailing the Ultrastructure Expansion Microscopy protocol:

Improving the resolution of fluorescence nanoscopy using post-expansion labeling microscopy. Hamel V.* and Guichard P.*

Methods in Cell Biology, In press


Ultrastructure Expansion Microscopy (U-ExM). Gambarotto D., Hamel V.*Guichard P.*

Methods in Cell Biology, July 2020. Link

Molecular resolution imaging by post-labeling expansion single molecular localization microscopy (Ex-SMLM).Zwettler F.U.Reinhard S.Gambarotto D., Bell T.D.MHamel V.*Guichard P.*Sauer M.* Nature communications., July 2020. Link open access - BiorXiv - Prelights - Press release
Imaging cellular ultrastructures using expansion microscopy (U-ExM).  Gambarotto D. ##, Zwettler F. U. ##, Schmidt-Cernohorska M. , Fortun D. , Borgers  S. , Heine J. , Schloetel J. G. , Reuss M. , Unser M. , Boyden E.S. , Sauer M. *, Hamel V. * and  Guichard P.*. Nature Methods. 2019


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Chlamydomonas cell in Expansion Microscopy (by Davide Gambarotto). Magenta: tubulin, Green: polyglutamylation