Jean-Claude Martinou

Kinsey Maundrell

Kinsey Maundrell

Visiting Scientist

Following a career spent in numerous research establishments around the world, and investigating many fascinating questions in life sciences, I now continue into retirement, working for pleasure as a visiting scientist in the lab of a former colleague, J-C Martinou at the University of Geneva. This group investigates several intriguing aspects of mitochondrial biology and although this was not an area I have ever thought much about during my career, I now discover a fascinating world which has been central to life itself since time immemorial! 
I have always felt highly priviledged to have the opportunity to be involved in research, and if I have learnt one thing during this period it is that virtually any topic in biology, no matter how seemingly esoteric or peripheral to 'mainstream' thinking, will invariably lead, with a minimum of scratching of the surface, to fundamental and unanswered qestions worthy of detailed study. 

My current Activities also include Proofreading and editing English texts, as well as French to English translation for which I have now formed a small company. As a native English speaker with an extensive background in biology research I can assist in producing clear and concise documents for publication, requests for funding, letters of recommendation etc. Having lived and worked for many years in several different French speaking environments I can also offer French to English translation.