Jean-Claude Martinou

Prof. Jean-Claude Martinou

Prof. Jean-Claude Martinou

Full Professor

+41 22 379 64 43

Professeur Ordinaire / Full Professor

Jean-Claude Martinou received both his M.D and his Ph.D from the university of Toulouse (France) for his work on motoneuron trophic factors. After been Head of Neurobiology at the Glaxo Institute for Molecular Biology and later at Serono Research Pharmaceutical Institute in Geneva, he joined the University of Geneva in 2000 as full professor. He has made major contributions in the field of apoptosis and cell metabolism. His current research encompasses various aspects of mitochondrial physiology, including the role of the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier in neuronal function and in cancer metabolism and the role of mitochondrial RNA granules in mitochondrial gene expression.