Paul Guichard

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Motivated and talented PhDs in structural biology, cell biology or biochemistry are encouraged to apply. Candidates should consider to apply for external funding sources such as FEBS, EMBO, HFSP, Marie Curie, etc. In case you are interested please contact us for further details. 


PhD Student

If you are interested to join the lab, please apply to the International PhD school of Life Sciences at the faculties of Medecine and Science:


Master Student

We are seeking an enthusiastic and highly motivated master student to study the native architecture of the Dictyostelium centrosome at high resolution, using the following strategy. First, centrosome will be isolated from Dictyostelium cells. Second, the structure of the isolated organelles will be analyzed using cryo-electron microscopy coupled to tomography. Finally, the native 3D structure of the NAB will be solved using image processing