Guichard / Hamel

Virginie Hamel

Dr. Virginie Hamel

Co-group leader - Collaboratrice Scientifique

+41 22 379 6735


Since 2015 - Co-group leader, UNIGE

2012-2015 - Staff Scientist at EPFL (Pierre Gonczy's lab)

2005- 2012 - Post-doc at EPFL (Pierre Gonczy's lab)

2004 - PhD at EMBL (Iain Mattaj's lab)



2008-2010 -  Marie Heim Vögtlin fellowshio (SNSF fellowship)

2008-2009 - Roche foundation fellowship

2005-2008 - FEBS longterm fellowship

2003-2004 - EMBL Fellowship



28. Expansion Microscopy provides new insights into the cytoskeleton of malaria parasites including the conservation of a conoid structure. Bertiaux A., Balestra A., Bournonville L., Brochet M. *, Guichard P. *, Hamel V. * . Submitted


27. The architecture of the centriole cartwheel-containing region revealed by cryo-electron tomographyKlena N.†, Le Guennec M.†, Tassin AM, Van den Hoek H., .Erdmann PS, Schaffer M., Geimer S., Aeschlimann G., Kovacik L., Goldie KN,  Stahlberg H. , Engel BD*, Hamel V.* and Guichard P.*  Submitted.  


26. WDR90 is a centriolar microtubule wall protein important for centriole architecture integrity. Steib E., Gambarotto D., Laporte MH, Olieric N., Zheng C., Borgers S., Olieric V., Le Guennec M., Koll F., Tassin AM, Steinmetz MO, Guichard P.*, Hamel V.*  Submitted. BioRxiv


25. Ultrastructure Expansion Microscopy (U-ExM).Gambarotto D., Hamel V.*Guichard P.*Methods in Cell Biology. July 2020. 


24. Improving the resolution of fluorescence nanoscopy using post-expansion labeling microscopyHamel V.* and Guichard P.* Methods in Cell Biology, In press


23. Molecular resolution imaging by post-labeling expansion single molecular localization microscopy (Ex-SMLM).Zwettler F.U.Reinhard S.Gambarotto D., Bell T.D.MHamel V.*Guichard P.*Sauer M.* Nature communications. July 2020. 


22. Homogeneous multifocal excitation for high-throughput super-resolution imaging.Mahecic D., Gambarotto D., Douglass K.M., Fortun D., Banterle N., Le Guennec M., Ibrahim K., Gonczy P., Hamel V., Guichard P.., Manley S. Nature Methods, June 2020. Link open access


 Tosetti N., Dos Santos Pacheco N., Maco B., Bournonville L., Hamel V., Guichard P., Soldati-Favre D. eLifeMay 2020 Link open access


20. A helical inner scaffold provides a structural basis for centriole cohesion. Le Guennec M, Klena N., Gambarotto D., Laporte MH , Tassin AM, Van den Hoek H., Erdmann PS, Schaffer M., Kovacik L., Borgers S., Goldie KN, Stahlberg H., Bornens M., Azimzadeh J., Engel BD#, Hamel V.* and Guichard P.Science Advances. Feb 2020


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17. Isolation, Imaging and fluorescent single particle reconstruction of  Chlamydomonas  centrioles . Klena N.§, Gambarotto D. §, Le Guennec M. , Borgers S., Guichard P.*, Hamel V.JoVE(139), e58109, doi:10.3791/58109


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