Sandra Citi

Ekaterina Vasileva

Dr. Ekatarina Vasileva

PhD student

R40.76 binds to the α domain of ZO-1: role of ZO-1 (α+) in epithelial differentiation and mechano-sensing. Rouaud F, Vasileva E, Spadaro D, Tsukita S, Citi S. Tissue Barriers. 2019 Aug 22

Cell-specific diversity in the expression and organization of cytoplasmic plaque proteins of apical junctions. Vasileva E, Sluysmans S, Bochaton-Piallat ML, Citi S. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2017 Oct

The role of apical cell-cell junctions and associated cytoskeleton in mechanotransduction. Sluysmans S, Vasileva E, Spadaro D, Shah J, Rouaud F, Citi S. Biol Cell. 2017 Apr

PLEKHA7: Cytoskeletal adaptor protein at center stage in junctional organization and signaling. Shah J, Guerrera D, Vasileva E, Sluysmans S, Bertels E, Citi S. Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2016 Jun;

PLEKHA7 Recruits PDZD11 to Adherens Junctions to Stabilize Nectins. Guerrera D, Shah J, Vasileva E, Sluysmans S, Méan I, Jond L, Poser I, Mann M, Hyman AA, Citi S. J Biol Chem. 2016 May 20