Sandra Citi

Women in Science

As a member of the Equal Opportunity Commission, Prof. Citi has encouraged the establishment of policies of equal opportunities at the University of Geneva, and promoted the organization of workshops and educational initiatives. She writes also contributes opinion articles on local newspapers, and is a member of “les SansPages” Wikimedia project.

Profs. Citi also promotes the visibility of outstanding women (scientists, but also artists and others), by researching into their achievements, careers and lives. Examples: swiss researchers Grete Kellenberger-Gujer (see below), Daisy Dussoix and Janine Séchaud, american artist Maggie Siner, Holocaust survivor Paulette Angel Rosenberg, etc..

Together with Prof. Douglas Berg, Sandra Citi published a biographical article on Grete Kellenberger-Gujer in the journal BACTERIOPHAGE (link to Open Access article here):

Grete Kellenberger-Gujer: Molecular biology research pioneer. Citi S, Berg DE. Bacteriophage. 2016 Apr 5



additional images 

(shown with permission) from:   Elisabeth DiCapua and Edouard Boy de la Tour (Nadar)